IT’s time!🏃🏼‍♂️

Each year our kids lose another school program, teacher, or opportunity and those losses directly impact their futures. I am tired of hearing about it and want to do something.... I can’t just write a check to fix the problem, so on March 7th Thursday at the morning bell I am going to start running, and I am going to keep running until I can’t run anymore, it’s that simple. My goal is to be there 24 hours later to hear the morning bell again with the kids of Washington Elementary Friday, March 8th. Who knows maybe they will bring me water, coffee, and some food to keep me going!? 

The course: the first 50 miles will be to touch every public elementary school in the county, all 26 of them. I plan to place a bumper sticker on each Principal's office door that says, “Run2Fund Cares”, then we/I (and anyone who wants to join me) will run around the Mesa 4.8-mile loops until the next morning on Friday covering 100+/- miles in total…. I would run around the track, but the school currently has no track, nor do we have a gym..... we have a field, but even it needs a ton of work. 

The overall goal is to raise enough money to build a fund so that we can assist in building/maintaining sporting facilities. Who knows, we might just make a difference!? Please make your donations on a per hour basis. For example: if you are willing to donate $10 per hour and you think I can run for 10 hours, please donate $100. If you are like me and only prefer to pay for results, just email me your hourly pledge amount. I will make sure to reach out for the proper donation shortly after I wake up from a well-deserved nap. 😉

Thank you for believing in me and thank you for believing in our kids!
Matt Genovese



March 7th Thursday 8am – March 8th Friday 8am

26 total public elementary schools, roughly 50 miles or around 12 hours. The remainder of the 12 hours I plan to run 5-mile loops using Mesa Park as my “Home Base”. I will run up Shoreline Dr. to Cliff Dr., then down to Loma Alta Dr. and back up Shoreline Dr., until the morning bell rings back at Washington Elementary.

Ideally, I would like to get a representative from each elementary school to run with me for part of the day and raise money for their school. They don’t have to run for 24 hours of course…… But I would love them set a goal larger than they ever have, give it all they have got. Learning what you are capable of happens in the classroom and out of the classroom.

I also plan to make stickers that say “Run2Fund Cares” so that we can prove that we did stop at all 26 public elementary schools in the Santa Barbara, and Goleta districts.